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Save the Date - VBS 2018!

By Alia Suchomski in Young Family Ministries 6 months ago | 29819 views Link:

Save the Date for VBS 2018!  We we be traveling back to Babylon with Daniel from June 11-15th!  Mark your calendars, because we can’t wait to see you there!

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Jessica Salcido

Hey Alia, what ages is this for? What times will it be? When will sign ups be? I would like to start getting my kids situated for VBS and also start my oldest to do catechism.

Jane Mintzer

I think I will have to skip it this year. Have fun, and tell Daniel I said HI! :-D

Alia Suchomski

Jessica – VBS is for Kindergarten through 5th graders.  There will be both morning and afternoon sessions, and registration will open after Easter, so keep an eye out for it!

Alia Suchomski

Jane, we’ll miss you!

Tara Keator

We are all going to be there!

Sandra Pacheco

Would my almost 4 year old be able to do it? He’s been doing catechesis of the good Shepard here so i know he would love to do it.

Alia Suchomski

Sandra, we try to keep VBS for kids who are entering kindergarten and up.  However, younger kids are always welcome to come for the Celebration time at the beginning and end of each session!  There is singing and dancing, and it’s lots of fun!

Sandra Pacheco

Thank you so much for responding Alia. I appreciate it. I know he’ll enjoy it and i will surely sign up my 2nd grader. I can’t physically help because i have a baby but if you need any help with prep work or anything ahead of time I’d be happy to help. :)

Alia Suchomski

Thank you, Sandra!  We will let you know!

Wanda Guercio

Can’t wait Alia! Let me know when you need teens. You know Arielle is always eager to volunteer in skits and such!

Brittany Padilla

Alia do you need adult volunteers? I volunteered last year while mila attended and would want to do it again this year as well. Do you know when that info will be out I’d like to be able to take off work sooner than later for those dates if you need me!

Coleen Austin

Daniel said he’d volunteer:)

Alia Suchomski

Awesome!  Yes, we love our volunteers :-)  Adults are always wanted, Brittany.  You will be able to register after Easter!

Claudia Armistead

Hello!!! When you know the cost for the whole week will you please let us know?. Thank you!.

Alia Suchomski

Claudia Armistead, I will let you know!

Cindy Roose

We will be there!! All 6 of us!  Will need a sitter for the littles. Thanks Alia!

Marcia Gyolai

The Saint Anne’s bulletin for Easter has not been posted yet on The St Anne app I wanted a update on vacation Bible school and registration thank you

Jean Estes Gonzales

Hi, Marcia!you can register online at – excited to have your family in Babylon this year!

Marcia Gyolai

Thank you Jean hope you had a nice Easter😊

Jean Estes Gonzales

He is truly risen! An amazing day!

Monique Spryszak

Mike, Dana, or someone still needs to provide the correct links to the website.  Otherwise, the registration links on will not work. is ready, but the website is not yet ready.  Thank you for your understanding.
As soon as both websites are ready, I will publish a slider on the homepage, event promotions, and other things.

Sarah Cali

Hey!! I signed up Dom and Rose for the morning session yesterday and it turns out we can only make it in the afternoon! How can I change our registration to the afternoon session?? Thanks!! -Sarah Cali

Alia Suchomski

Hi Sarah! Please re-register your kids for the afternoon session, and put a note in there that we should cancel the morning registration. :-)

Barbara DeRozieres

I want to register my grandson Nicholas age 7 for the morning session.  I volunteer in the kitchen through the Ladies Auxiliary for the mornings.  Is this where I register?

Jean Estes Gonzales

Hi, Barb! So glad you’ll be with us again! You can register Nick online at
See you in Babylon!

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