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Greetings, all! Thank you all so much for your participation in our Farewell Party for Fr. David and Fr. Dan! Your love and care for them was so evident in all that you did! So glad that we could send them off to their new callings with such affection and love!


photo credit: Wanda Guercio Castro


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Cindy Roose

We have been so blessed with the presence of Fr. Dan, and Fr. David in our parish. They have given us their hearts and souls, and we are truly grateful!! God bless you both as you go on your new Journey in the church following your call to your Priesthood. Blessings and much love, the Roose Family!!!

David Mbimadong

Fr. Dan and I are so touched by you love

We can’t thank you enough because words can’t express our joy and gratitude and the peace we feel, knowing that you are walking with us every inch of our priestly vocation.

All we can say is "may God reward you in the measure that will fill your hearts with peace in His presence.

We continue to keep all of you in our prayers.

Fr Sergio Fita

Fr. Dan’s face: “Mmmm… Is this the right Eucharistic Prayer?”

My face: “Beats me!”

Fr. David’s face: “I really need to start packing this week…” 


God bless you!

Norma Guzman

That is so funny! Best picture ever!

Aurora Sarmiento

I think Fr. Sergio’s desert journey forced him to grow even more in his sense of humor – that IS funny!

Cindy…well said…I couldn’t have expressed it any better! 

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