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Friends of The Needy and Parish Picnic (Sign-up Invite)

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Hello Catholics in Action!

As you all may know, this Saturday we have the Eucharistic procession and picnic, as well as Friends of the Needy (FON). We were not planning on both of these falling on the same Saturday, but since CiA is responsible for serving in both, we will gladly serve our brothers and sisters at the Parish picnic, as well as those in need at the Annex!

Up until now we have had our Formation and Spirituality (2 of 3 Catholic Action tenets). So, this Saturday we are blessed with the opportunity to really exercise the third tenet that is- Charity!

Friends Of The Needy
We invite you to sign up to help at Friends of the Needy. Most of us would love to attend the procession and accompany our Lord as He processes the streets of Gilbert, but we also know He needs us to serve Him in serving the poor. When our Lord processes by the Annex, we will walk out to greet him on the sidewalk south of the Annex.

After we are finished at the Annex (the more help we have, the sooner we can finish) we will join the rest of the community either at the parish or at John Allen Park for the picnic. There will be delicious food and games.

Please meet at the Annex at 8am, or at St Anne if you will be attending 7am Mass.

Parish Picnic
For details and to sign up for the Procession Picnic activities, click HERE.

God bless you guys I look forward to seeing you all this weekend, God willing. Please let us know if you have any questions on any of this.

Pax Tecum.

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
FON Volunteer Nancy Pina
FON Volunteer Mari Seaberg
FON Volunteer Jessica Reyes
FON Volunteer Available
FON Volunteer Available
FON Volunteer Kristal Gonzalez-Medina
FON Volunteer Joe Lerner
FON Volunteer Coleen Austin

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