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Volunteers Needed to Fill Easter Eggs

By Alia Suchomski in Young Family Ministries 3 months ago | 545 views Link:

Do you have a free afternoon?  We need your help filling the Easter eggs that will be handed out after Easter Masses! 

Eggs and supplies will be located in the Parish Office.  If you are interested in helping, please contact, or message me via the City!


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Egg Griego

Yes I’m free on Tuesday morning and also Friday after 2 mon after 2

On Tue, Mar 20, 2018, 11:23 AM Alia Suchomski on The City <
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Joann Trevizo

When are you doing this? My grandson needs some volunteer hours for njhs (honor society?

Alia Suchomski

Hi Erika and Joann!

Thank you for your responses!  We’ve got 1000 eggs them to fill, so many hands are appreciated!  The eggs and supplies are in the Faith Formation office, and the   office/hall vestibule area can be available for volunteers to fill eggs beginning tomorrow afternoon; evenings this week might be more difficult to find a space, since the final rehearsals for Joan of Arc are happening, but if you are available in the afternoon, please stop in and fill some eggs!

Thank you so much!

Liliana Trujillo

My daughter and I could come in today =>

Jean Estes Gonzales

WOW! Thank you to everyone who came yesterday to fill Easter Eggs!

We only have 250 left to fill! If you would like to come by, we are set up in the vestibule of the parish hall and will be working from now until finished. 

Best parish ever!



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