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Volunteers Needed for While Shepherds Watch Setup

By Alia Suchomski in Young Family Ministries 5 months ago | 431 views Link:


We are in need of some volunteers to help set up the hall for While Shepherds Watch.  Setup will be on Tuesday, December 12th, from 4-7pm.  Any volunteers who can help for some or all of the time are much appreciated! :-) Many hands make light work!

Thank you in advance for your generous gift of your time and talent!

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Norma Guzman

I will be here to help on that day.

God Bless

Jean Estes Gonzales

Thank you, Norma!

Rosaura Tasso

I will  be there to help.

Jean Estes Gonzales

Thanks, Coco!

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Tracey Quintanar

Can children preparing for communion/confirmation help? I can stay with her to help,

Anne Audia

Hi Alia,

Isabelle and I will help.

Jean Estes Gonzales

Hi, Tracey! Children are welcome to help if their parents are remaining with them. Thanks for suggesting it!

Cindy Roose

would be happy to, I can help!  maybe the older grandkids, I will see what is going on with them!!

Olga Guerra

What time and day do you need volunteers? Olga -(email address removed)

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Olga Guerra

This  is Olga I have a 15 year old who needs volunteer hours what time would she need to be there 

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Alia Suchomski

Wow!  Thank you all for your generosity!  Setup will start at 4pm!  With so many people to help, we should finish quickly. :-)

Egg Griego

You bet will be there

Tracey Quintanar

Thanks so much Jean! We will be there :)

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