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Jim Elia Funeral Reception

By Norma Guzman in Admin Staff - All Staff 5 months ago | 1793 views Link:

Greetings, All! 

As you may already know, the funeral Mass for Jim Elia,  will be on Tuesday, February, 6th at 10 am. There will be a reception immediately following the internment in the parish hall. The Funeral Ministry needs our assistance with the reception. We are providing the reception to Jim’s family in gratitude for his long years of service to our community. We are hoping that everyone would be willing to contribute a dish for the reception. No need for fancy—just comfort food for us to share as we support Jim’s family and remember Jim..  We are expecting about 150 guests to attend. Please fill in a need listed below if you will be able to assist in any way.

Food can be dropped off in the parish hall on Tuesday morning.

Since we are not able to use the ovens in the kitchen on Tuesday, for those of you who will be bringing a hot dish, please plan to bring it in a slow cooker or an insulated container to help us keep it warm.

Thank you and God Bless,

Norma & Jean

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Dessert Available
Dessert Rob Estes
Dessert John Caballero
Dessert Available
Dessert Available
Dessert Available
Dinner Rolls 3 dozen Sylvia Stock
Dinner Rolls 3 dozen Mike_Priscilla Graffeo
Dinner Rolls 3 dozen Meagen Winter
Dinner Rolls 3 dozen Meagen Winter
Main Dish 12 servings Aurora Sarmiento
Main Dish 12 servings Sr. Juana Vera
Main Dish 12 servings Jean Estes Gonzales
Main Dish 12 servings Michael Higashi
Main Dish 12 servings Gilda Gonzales
Main Dish 12 servings Jean Estes Gonzales
Main Dish 12 servings Suzanne Mailloux
Main Dish 12 servings Darci Zenuk
Salad 12 servings Sister Ángeles Sarmientos
Salad 12 servings Available
Salad 12 servings Suzanne Mailloux
Salad 12 servings Linda Osowski
Salad 12 servings Chris Schwarz
Side Dish 12 servings Donna Kano
Side Dish 12 servings Jim Walsh
Side Dish 12 servings Alicia Menon

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Ed Deppert

Norma and Jean,

We are delighted to bring a desert. Any suggestions would be appreciated. You may know best as to what goes quickly, etc…

Ed n’ Chickie

Sylvia Stock

We will take dinner rolls. I cannot seem to fill it in. Sylvia and Joe Stock

Sylvia Stock

I got it

jean dorame

Do you need help setting up, serving or cleaning up?

jean dorame

Do you need help serving and or cleaning up after the Gathering? I would be glad to be of assistance

Fennie Beltran

Will bring a side dish, main dish and desserts.

Thank you.


Gilda Gonzales

Gilda Gonzales  I will make maid dish

Jean Estes Gonzales

I will bring a main dish

Mike_Priscilla Graffeo

We will bring dinner rolls. 

Norma Guzman

Thank you’


Norma Guzman

We can always use help, many hands make the work lighter.

Thank you and God Bless,


Linda Osowski

If you can help with cleanup that would be wonderful.

Norma Guzman

Thank you Fennie, you are so kind.

God Bless


Norma Guzman

Thank you, greatly appreciated.

God Bless,


Donna Kano

I will bring a side dish.

Jim Walsh

Emmy and I will bring meatballs.

Ann Stevens

Will bring main dish and dessert
Ann Stevens

Clare Santiago

I’ll be taking potato salad.

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On Sunday, February 4, 2018, 3:50 PM, Jim Walsh on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

Chrysanthi De Mel

I will bring a vegetable platter.  Chris de Mel

Jean Estes Gonzales

Thank you all for your generosity!

Rhonda D'Entremont

Looks to be full but do not hesitation to let me know if or what is needed….willing to do whatever is needed…

Jean Estes Gonzales

Thank you, Rhonda! Would you be willing to donate a case of bottled water?

Rhonda D'Entremont

of course, Jean….will get 2 or do you need more

Jean Estes Gonzales

So generous! 2 would be marvelous!

Theresa Serrano-Keel

I hope you’re okay with more food!  I ordered a large party tray from the restaurant (Serrano’s).       

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