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CGS Garden Keeper

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Volunteer Position Description


Position Title: St. Anne CGS Garden Keeper

Purpose: To help maintain the beauty of the garden as well as the plants around the outside area in the courtyard.

Location: CGS Garden and courtyard area

Key Responsibilities:

  • Water plants
  • Trim plants in the garden
  • Pull weeds
  • Plant seasonal plants
  • Sweep the garden area

Reports to: Isabel Gonzalez our Volunteer Coordinator

Length of Appointment: Until volunteer does not want to continue

Time Commitment: Weekly, 1-1 ½ hour visit (If we can get four families to take on this project, each family would only have to do this once a month.)


  • Loves nature and gardening
  • Takes care of supplies
  • Comfortable being in the sun (there is some shade)

Support: You will be provided with a mini training and tour of the St. Anne CGS Garden. Any supplies you will need for the garden can be purchased after our Maintenance Supervisor, Joe Reed, approves them. For any other questions during your gardening visit, our Volunteer Coordinator will be available to help.

Age Requirement: 18 years or older if it will be an individual, or a family with kids of any age. 

Benefits for Volunteer:

  • Keep the St. Anne CGS Garden beautiful and know that it is the talent God gave you
  • Be out in a calming environment
  • Kids will learn how to care for the garden and the process of maintaining the beautiful plants God gave us

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