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Safe Environment Trainer

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Volunteer Position Description


Position Title: Safe Environment Trainer

Purpose: To teach the Safe Environment Training Foundation course to new volunteers in order to help build a safe environment for everyone at St. Anne. 

Location: St. Anne Parish

Key Responsibilities:

  • Teach a three-hour class every other month to 30-35 new volunteers
  • Prepare the class materials for the attendees (copies provided)
  • Teach two class to 6th graders in November
  • Help interview the new volunteers with a provided question set
  • File volunteer applications in the office for St. Anne attendees

Reports to: Isabel Gonzalez

Length of Appointment: As long as volunteer desires 

Time Commitment: Four-hour training session to become a trainer (only two training sessions left- February 27th and March 1st), three-hour class presentation every other month to new volunteers, one-hour preparation time every other month for class materials

Qualifications: Volunteer should be comfortable teaching adults, must have Safe Environment Foundation Class completed, and is able to work with another trainer when teaching the class.

Support: All training is provided along with all materials needed to teach the class.

Age Requirement: 18 years or older

Benefits for Volunteer:

  • Lead and teach others how to create a safe environment at the parish
  • Meet new St. Anne parishioners and other individuals from the Phoenix Diocese 
  • Work together as a team with another trainer to teach the class
  • Teach 6th graders how to build respectful relationships with others around them

If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email to:

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