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While Shepherds Watch - An Advent Experience for Families

By Alia Suchomski in Young Family Ministries 9 months ago | 741 views
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Bring your whole family on a journey to the fields overlooking Bethlehem on a cold winter night 2000 years ago! As shepherds watch over their flocks by night, they see the brightest star ever lighting up the evening sky. What could this mean for the people of Israel? Come find out, and join us for an evening of crafts, song, and more!

Purchase tickets for $10/family on the parish website! We have limited space, so buy your tickets before we sell out!

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Discussion about this event

Robin Casillas on 11/21/2017

I just tried to pay for this event and it say that it  is sold out? Is that true? 

Brittany Padilla on 11/21/2017

When you try and pay it says sold out

Alia Suchomski on 11/21/2017

Thanks, Brittany and Robin – we will try to get it straightened out!

Alia Suchomski on 11/21/2017

It should be fixed now!  Please let us know if you still have problems!

Robin Casillas on 11/22/2017

Thank you, Alia…the payment is working now!

Melissa Cardine on 12/10/2017

When I go pay for the tickets. It’s $10 for the tickets plus $10 shipping. Is it $20 a family? Is there another way to pay?

Alia Suchomski on 12/10/2017

My apologies, Melissa!  We will try to get this fixed ASAP!

Monique Spryszak on 12/10/2017

My apologies!  I needed to create a new button, because the reporting area wasn’t displaying some of the information we needed.  I have just now removed the part that requires a shipping address.  Can you see if this fixed the issue?

Monique Spryszak on 12/10/2017

Okay, it should be fixed, now.  It looked like the new button still had the shipping charge problem.  So, I have removed it and put the old button back, even though it won’t give information about the number of adults and children attending.

Alia Suchomski on 12/10/2017

Thank you, Monique!

Jean Estes Gonzales on 12/11/2017

Thank you, Monique!

December 13
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
440 East Elliot Road
Gilbert AZ 85234
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19 people
are coming
Kristin Shrum (2)

Patricia Zupic (2)

Cindy Roose (7)

Marie Ballerino (3)

Robin Casillas (3)

Jean Estes Gonzales (1)

Alia Suchomski (1)

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