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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

By Jim Montgomery in Councils & Committees - Stewardship Committee 5 months ago | 3951 views
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For volunteers and their families. It is the least we can do to thank you for all you do. Please come share a meal with your St. Anne’s community.

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Discussion about this event

Mike_Priscilla Graffeo on 04/10/2018

Jim are we ready to “Share” this with other City groups ?

Jim Montgomery on 04/10/2018

Yes, everyone needs to know so no one feels left out.

Michael Higashi on 04/11/2018


Sally Basiks on 04/11/2018

I am now living at Sunrise apartment independent living and don’t have car anymore I am not able to do volunteer work any more how ever I miss it very much but my life has change some now ….I lead the roasary here before our communion service when Jim and Debbie come on Thursday we are so blessed to have them come thank you and God Bless you and all that you do Sally Basiks

Richard Villa on 04/11/2018

Sorry I cannot be there.
Richard Villa

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Cindy Roose on 04/11/2018

thanks so much!

Judy Campos on 04/11/2018

Yes two will be coming

Maureen Colasanti on 04/11/2018


Thanks & Blessings,


Sylvia Stock on 04/11/2018

Two perhaps

Sandra Reyes on 04/11/2018

You can always count on my troop to be there.

Olga Guerra on 04/12/2018

Olga and Pat will be there

Genny Jones on 04/12/2018

Genny Jones
St. Anne’s Respect Life Coordinator
-— Original Message -

April 27
5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

36 people
are coming
Peter Faulk (8)

Tom Shuey (2)

Liliana Trujillo (5)

Anne Audia (5)

David Lowe (2)

Kim Rebello (4)

Keith Baker (2)

David Krause (2)

Earl Brockert (2)

Mike_Priscilla Graffeo (2)

Jim Montgomery (2)

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